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Our CASSUS CRM™ software can do everything you need it to for the basics of running your company.

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Track your pipeline with Zephyr™ CRM!

Sales Pipeline & Reporting

Create custom pipelines to keep your sales process consistent.

Talk to customers from multiple platforms in one place with Zephyr™ CRM!

Multi-Platform Conversations

Talk to your customers from one place when they message you from Facebook, Instagram, text message, and even email!

Schedule and track meetings with Zephyr™ CRM!

Calendar & Appointment Scheduling

Connect a calendar of your choice like Google Calendar, iCal, and even Outlook Calendar to stay on top of your schedule!

Track your advertising campaigns with Zephyr™ CRM!

Keep Track of Your Ad Spend

Link your advertising account(s) to keep track of your campaigns.

Create unlimited funnels with Zephyr™ CRM!

Create Unlimited Funnel Pages

You can create your own step-by-step funnels to keep customer conversions high and sales growing.

Create users and edit user permissions with Zephyr™ CRM!

Add Subcontractors & Employees

You’re the admin, but you can control permissions for an unlimited number of users inside your very own CASSUS CRM™ account!

What else can CASSUS CRM™ do?

Our whitelabeled High Level software is capable of just about anything you need it to.

Custom Workflows

Automate your business customer communications.

Client Testimonials

Get positive feedback from your customers and share it online!

Contact Lists

Easily maintain a master list of all of your contacts.

Connect Social Media

Connect your social accounts and schedule campaigns.

Digital Invoicing

Create and manage all invoices generated for your business.

Products & Subscriptions

Create and manage products right from CASSUS CRM™!

It’s a breeze to use and easy on the wallet, too.

CASSUS CRM™ was designed to be a simple, all-in-one software that helps you manage your business from one platform.


✅ Log in to just one software

✅ One subscription each month

✅ Unlimited *everything*

✅ Easy to navigate

✅ Automate your marketing

✅ Customize team permissions

✅ Support from Cassus Media

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